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[Germany]APACK installed LED flood lights in AutoTerminalNeuss
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Autoterminalcan see the lights
Automobile Logistics Company ATN shifts to eco-friendly LED lighting

Not only the light of the big city tells of humans’ activity and effort in Neuss but also the harbor’s lighting makes visible that people are working in the morning and evening hours.And soon this is also where the Autoterminal will also shine a little brighter.
Currently Wolfgang Clauß, Managing Director of Autoterminal Neuss GmbH & Co. KG (ATN), lets replace the conventional lighting on all outdoor spaces, in the car parks and workshops by LED luminaires. With a total of about 300.000 Euro it is a significant investmentfor this medium sized company with its two large parent companies since ATN is a joint venture of BLG Logistics Group and DB Schenker.
However, this investment pays off in several aspects. The new LEDs reduce the energy consumption by more than 50 percent, which means that amorti
zation time is just 3.5 years. This result was determined by an independent engineering office.

Moreover less energy consumption, of course, also benefits the environment due to less CO2-emissions caused during the energy production: 43 percent less carbon dioxide, 32 percent less nitrogen and 43 percent of sulphur dioxide. Additionally the new luminaires, despite of their reduced lamp power from 400W to 200W, emit significantly more light that their predecessors. This new brightness was, of course, first take into notice by the staff, which is excited about it.

“Hopefully the airplanes do not head for us instead of Düsseldorf Airport in future”, one employee joked. Indeed, the new lighting even improves safety at work in the rail loading area as it reduces the shadow effect.
This project brings together international and local competencies:“We corporate with Hyundai Glovis, the Korean logistics company of large automobile manufacturers.Additionally we trust on the skills of ‘Neuss & Franken Elektrotechnik GmbH’ for the installation “, explains Clauß.
Since mid of last month and punctually on the beginning of autumn and the dark season, the hydraulic lift is on the move on the site.
Anyway, the replacement of the lamps itself is simple.Each team of four technicians unscrews the old lamp housing and mounts the new ones. Nevertheless the whole modification project will take some time as in total 250 outdoor units, 800 pieces in the car parks and another 400 in the workshops will be replaced.

Clauß remarks: “So far, we have firstly started with the biggest energy consumers and will then work our way through.”

Small luminaires with high lighting effect - Wolfgang Clauß presents the new LED floodlights.