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APACK, Inc. is a leading thermal specialist who develops and manufactures LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting by utilizing the core research development of the fundamental technology of electronics cooling, Heat Pipe, as well as next generation technologies, such as Vapor Chamber (flat-plate heat pipe), MEMS (flat-plate heat pipe using micromachining technology) and LHP (Loop Heat Pipe).

  • Heat Pipe

    Heat Pipe Image 1

    Heat Pipe gains high thermal conductivity using latent heat that is accompanied in continuous liquid-vapor phase changes of working liquid in an enclosed internal space. Utilizing the technology with copper, which is highly thermal conductive characteristic, Heat Pipe is applied in various field of manufacturing products such as LED lighting, electronic component & equipment cooling and air conditioning system.

    Heat Pipe Image 2 Air_Temp Solid_Temp_1 Solid_Temp_2 Solid_Temp_3 Solid_Temp_4

    Through APACK's enhanced thermal design, APACK LED lights provide products with longer life expectancy, higher efficacy and extreme lightweight, that are comparably 30% better than its competitors.

  • Vapor Chamber

    vapor chamber Image

    Vapor chamber is a heat changing system using capillary force that occurs naturally in the narrow water flow, and its mechanism is similar to the heat pipe mechanism (vaporization → vapor moving → condensation → regression). Micro work inside of the system has several advantages: easy to manufacture the shape, low dependence on the material, and also very useful to be applied in slim appliances by using the photo etching technology that could manufacture in extremely thin thickness.

  • LHP (Loot Heat Pipe)

    In the era of energy conservation, highly efficient heat energy delivery and cooling technology
    are important research topics including the heat pipe.
    Loop heat pipe (LHP) has stronger capillary force than normal heat pipe by having wick located only
    in the vaporizer and allowing other flow path with smoothed tube.
    The interference of gravity is reduced, and the heat delivery distance is extended,
    and also the freedom of choices in layouts is increased by using flexible smooth tube.

  • MEMS

    loop heat pipe Image

    MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical system) is the key technology of cutting edge IT business that is applied in cell phone, game player, medical equipment, missile, high quality telecommunication satellite, and aero shuttle.